People It is important to discuss this with your surgeon because if you still have your cervix you will need to continue have pap smears while it is suggested that following hysterectomy you may stop having them if you have no cervix. The arteries supplying blood to the fibroids are identified, then embolized (blocked off). Use the arrow keys to navigate suggestions. nbsp february 26, 1987. Use the arrow keys to navigate suggestions. does 100 mg viagra look like Skip to content enter search keywords. Com. Learn more about fibroids at fibroidsuterine. Jpg alt text for main image:nbsp multitasking workout homepage slider thumb (102x65):nbsp alt text for thumbnail image:nbsp multitasking workout publish on date:nbsp wednesday, july 18, 2012hellip wl. nbsp 7) nbspnbsp active@ iso burner 2. Ask questions. See the entire definition of vascular vessel: a tube in the body that carries fluids: blood vessels or lymph vessels. Com. The symptoms can be mildly annoying or life altering in severity.